Welcome to the Festival Fringe Theatre Company

Founded in 1993 by Paul Bailey, the FFTC has taken largely one-act stage productions on tour and competed in national one-act play festivals. A lot of work has been newly published either written for us by the company's great friend and mentor, playwright "Claire Booker" or, on occasions we have put together devised productions using our own research.

Picture fron production of The Verdict is Yours

The FFTC is the most flexible of theatre companies and is pleased to engage in outdoor theatre, performance theatre, live theatre and festival theatre. In many ways we are a union of theatre groups and will put up a show wherever we lay our hat!

The company has embraced multi-media and places great importance on lighting and sound to frame and colour productions including cinematography.

The FFTC consist of a band of a dozen or so thespians selected as having stand out talent whether that be singing, dancing or acting and over the course of many years, a good number of creative and professional relationships have been forged.

The FFTC have reached the national "British All Winners" one-act play finals on several occasions taking the Runners-up prize for our production of "Teechers" by John Godber. A notable review following a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival came from the "Sunday Times" quoting that "the Festival Fringe Theatre Groups production of Shattered Peace has proven to be one of the highlights of this years festival".

Please look at the list of productions on our site, read our reviews and take time to view some of the pre-view films. If you see anything you like and would like one of these productions re-produced for your own function do not hesitate to contact us i.e:

  • Hotels and pubs looking for a play (indoors or outdoors)
  • Wedding parties looking to be entertained
  • Social groups looking to be entertained
  • Events requiring additional entertainment
  • Outdoor venues looking for family based productions (picnic's optional!)

If you do not find a production listed that suits your requirements then please feel free to suggest something that you have in mind.