Picture from Bournemouth's Got Talent contest

Blue Remembered Hills - although in this play all the characters are children, allegedly speaking as children do, the author has stipulated that the parts be played by adults. Our culture has long since acknowledged that childhood is not transparent with innocence and that its apparent simplicities and aggressions we seek to evade by means of misplaced nostalgia for those "blue remembered hills". And yet although we do indeed know these things, we also experience a countervailing grace when we actually look at these children playing in the 1940's Shropshire countryside.

Teechers - John Godber draws on his experience as a teacher and in this play amusingly depicts the trials and tribulations of a young, new but enthusiastic drama teacher's first year at a rather rough school, somewhere in England! The play although a comedy does illustrate many anxieties prevalent in education today.

Shattered Peace - set against the restless background of the troubles in Northern Ireland. It is an emotive and harrowing tale of vengeance which obeys no codes of honour, ultimately destroying our very humanity.

Verdict is Yours - this thought provoking play by Claire Booker (adapted by the FFTC) is set in Russia during the late nineteenth century. Zhenya Alexandrovitch, a wealthy land owner is about to be tried for the murder of a peasant woman with whom he had an affair. That he has killed her is beyond doubt, but whether it was premeditated or not is for the jury to decide - and the audience is the jury, so on their decision rests the play's conclusion.

Over Here - a multi layered tale of romance and adventure. This is the story of one young woman's experience during the war years: looking after an evacuated child: meeting GI's and learning to Jitterbug: working for the war effort and living on rations. Based on real life stories from local people, interlaced with music of the period, the performance is guaranteed to evoke memories for some and bring history to life for others.

Housewives Choice - set in the early 1950's, informed by personal memories and with a host of songs from the period. Housewives' Choice takes an affectionate look back at the joys and tribulations of young married life. Will rationing ever end, will Hilary conquer Everest and will Persil wash whiter???

Picture from live theatre production of TeechersBig Issue - a stimulating new play written for and premiered by the FFTC, takes a significant social issue and explores it dramatically. The case histories of the two central characters incorporates the use of filmed and freeze frame images which in itself is dramatic and technically challenging.

Galway Girl - a marriage between two incompatible people, revealed through anecdotes and memories presenting both sides point of view. Both humorous and tragic, it is an account of two wasted lives yet contains rich and minute detail of Dermot and Maisie's relationship.

War Games - a radio play by Stella Goorney and adapted for the stage by the FFTC. This play has something to say about the prejudice and innate cruelty of people even children. Characters memories take them back to the 1940's and come to life through screen images and their own actions.

Blood Brothers - this stage version (not the musical!) is fast moving and perceptive. It tells the tale of twin brothers who are born into a large working-class family and what happens when their mother decides to have one of them adopted. The story looks at the differences and conflicts of their upbringings in a humorous and poinient way, their relationships with each other and with their real and adopted mothers.