Picture from live theatre production of The Verdict is Yours

A brief selection of our many reviews follows:

Sunday Times re the production "Shattered Peace" -
"One of the highlights of the fringe has been a compelling and controversial production of English born playwright Claire Booker's play Shattered Peace, at Hill Street Theatre."

Bournemouth Echo re the production "Teechers" -
"Proudly local but strictly non parochial this ambitious company has gone from strength to strength. This 50 minute play is a short, sharp and shockingly effective work."

Lymington & New Milton Advertiser re the production "Over Here" -
"Directed by Jeanne Wilde, the production had many humorous moments, the singing had powerful voices and their accuracy in capturing the style of the era gave this production a very professional and nostalgic edge."

Dennis Hall, Director of the Mayflower Theatre Southampton, re the production "Shattered Peace" -
"In a lifetime in the entertainment industry, I have never been so moved."

Sonia Woolley, Festival Adjudicator, re the production "Big Issue" -
"They achieved realization of everything indicated by the author, and created a thought-provoking and moving piece of theatre with memorable performances."

Stella Goorney, Playwright, re the production "War Games"
"Really liked the way this company adapted my radio play and have to admit it certainly works as a stage play. A good use of colour and variety taking a single narrative and creating 3 strong characters. It is faithful to the spirit of the original script and I give it my blessing."

Shropshire Star re the production "The Verdict is Yours" -
"An excellent performance given by a fine young company."

Alan Moore, Head Drama Teacher at an Australian school in New South Wales, re the production "Teechers" -
"We get professional touring groups presenting similar productions at the high school (one was called Year 9 are Animals!) but none have ever been better than your production. You must be very proud."